You’ll Want To Do Pokmon Scarlet and Violet’s Perfect Ditto Raid, Here’s How

You’ll Want To Do Pokmon Scarlet and Violet’s Perfect Ditto Raid, Here’s How

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s next tera raid event might not sound as exciting as Charizard or Greninja making their debut in Game Freak’s latest pair of RPGs, but if you care at all about battling competitively, you’ll want to boot up the game to fight these terastalized Dittos.

What to expect in the Ditto tera raid events

Starting Friday, April 7th at 7:00 p.m. EDT (Saturday, April 8th at 9:00 a.m. AEDT), Dittos will start showing up in Scarlet and Violet’s tera dens for you and your friends to fight. These transforming blobs will appear around the Paldea region and in the Poké Portal until Sunday, April 9 at 6:59 p.m. Eastern time. These battles won’t have a fixed tera type and will be five-star battles. This means the Ditto you face will be at level 75, so bring Pokémon that are at least around that level to the fight.

Why are these Dittos so significant? It’s because they will each have five stats rated as “best.” This means these Dittos are considered “perfect” IV Dittos, which basically means they have inherently higher stats than most of their kind. Because Ditto can transform into any Pokémon, it has the unique ability to breed with any other Pokémon that is capable of breeding at all. When you have your Pokémon breed, the parents pass on higher IVs based on their own to their offspring. This means they can breed stronger Pokémon, which makes them ideal for those looking to create a competitively viable version of your favourite ‘mons. So if you have any interest in building the strongest version of your team, having one of these Dittos would be very helpful in taking the chance out of breeding.

What’s the best strategy for winning against a Ditto tera raid?

Normally, tera raids are all about picking some of the most powerful Pokémon you can find and prepping them with the right moves and held items. Ditto is a little bit easier because it’s, in a word, predictable. Ditto only learns one move: transform. This allows it to change into the shape of its opponent. This can work out in its favour if it’s facing a strong opponent, but if it’s facing a weakling, it can put Ditto in a bind, and that’s what we’re going to take advantage of for the Ditto tera raids.

When you and your team are getting ready to face Ditto, the important thing to keep in mind is the blob will transform into whatever Pokémon the raid host brings. So if they bring their perfectly trained Miraidon into the fight, the whole team is gonna have a much harder time taking it down. However, if you were to bring a Magikarp that only knows Splash, that’s all Ditto would have to work with. Then it’s just a matter of having the rest of your team light it up and catch it. While Magikarp is probably the ideal transformation target, you could bring any Pokémon that only knows non-damaging moves, because Ditto’s moveset after it transforms is entirely based on the specific Pokémon in front of it.

As is the case with all tera raids, remember that while you can make Ditto transform into Magikarp, it’s important that the rest of the team brings Pokémon who can counter Ditto’s tera type, rather than having Electric or Grass-type attacks to weaken Magikarp’s inherent water type. If Ditto has a Normal tera type, bring some Fighting moves. If it’s Psychic, bring some Bug and Dark-type moves. You might not be in danger of being knocked out if all Ditto can do is splash about, but you can speed up the raid itself by focusing in on the tera type, rather than whatever type Pokémon Ditto has transformed into.

Do I need to catch more than one Ditto for IV training?

Depending on just how sicko mode you want to go with competitive Pokémon, having multiple Dittos with perfect IVs is good for getting precise breeding down. Even with five stats marked as “best,” each Pokémon has six stats affected by IVs: HP, Attack, Special Attack, Defence, Special Defence, and Speed. So while each of these event Ditto will have perfect IVs for most stats, none of them will have perfect coverage all around. So if you’re looking to fine-tune your Pokémon breeding, it’s probably good to have multiple Dittos with different IV builds that can best accommodate what you’re looking for. Luckily, there’s no limit on how many Dittos you can catch during this event, unlike the seven-star raids.

After you’ve caught your Ditto, throw a picnic with it and the Pokémon you want it to breed with, and let the baby-making commence. The baby that hatches from the eventual egg will be yoked, then it’s just a matter of properly training its EVs. For more on that, check out our breakdown on EV and IV training.


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