Dredge Has More Content Updates On The Way

Dredge Has More Content Updates On The Way

It’s been a month since the launch of Dredge, the spooky fishing game by New Zealand devs Black Salt Games. It’s sitting at a healthy Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, critics and players alike seem to froth it, and now it’s getting some quality-of-life updates, new modes, and new paid DLC.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, Black Salt Games producer Nadia Thorne has announced three quality-of-life updates coming to Dredge as well as a new paid adventure delving further into the Ironhaven Corporation.

The free part of the Dredge roadmap consists of a few quality-of-life updates to the game requested by those in the community. Coming this month, Black Salt Games will add markers to Dredge‘s in-game map, allowing players to place different icons to represent different things on the map, such as dangers, shipwrecks, and more.

And then sometime in Q2, we’ll be seeing two new modes added to Dredge: Passive Mode and Photo Mode. The Passive Mode will bring a great sense of calm to any folks shitting their dacks at the thought of a horrible eldritch horror coming their way. Passive mode allows for a more relaxed fishing experience.

Then there’s the Photo Mode, which will obviously allow players to take a nice little snap of the world around them. However, the Photo Mode will be more of a Photography Mode, as a new in-game character will be introduced to help fledgling aquatic photographers get some of the best shots they can. New ‘local marine wildlife’ will also be added in the update.

Q3 will see the third and final free update, which introduces even further boat customisation. Currently, the only customisations one can do to their vessel is through upgrades to turn your dogshit dingy into a bonafide debonair fishing boat. With the update, players will be able to give their boat a nice paint job and a new flag, with more options being unlockable through gameplay.

And last but not least, Q4 will see Dredge‘s first paid DLC being released. The DLC focuses on the Ironhaven Corporations and their plans to establish a drilling operation there. Your task is to gather materials for new buildings and biomatter for the rig, and it’ll also include all sorts of new characters, equipment, and fish. Oh, and the Ironhaven Corporation might be evil. Shocking!

You can follow the Black Salt Games team on Twitter to stay up to date with Dredge updates. If you’d like to know how we feel about Dredge, David had a big old chat about it on episode 8 of the Kotaku Australia Podcast!

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