Tenacious D Makes Good On Promise Of ‘Tribute’, Records Greatest Song In The World

Tenacious D Makes Good On Promise Of ‘Tribute’, Records Greatest Song In The World

The new Tenacious D song is about video games. That’s literally all you need to know. In just 1:35 seconds, Jack Black and Kyle Gass have recorded the breakout country hit of 2023.

The whole song is an attempt by Black to justify his love of video games, while having less and less time to play them as he ages. “I don’t play video games no more, I never play video games,” he opines, “except for a little bit of God of War, I never play video games.”

But there’s one game that doesn’t count: Red Dead Redemption 2. “That is not a game,” sings Black. “It’s an incredible journey through old American history, fighting for your life and fighting for your family.”

“Trying to live your days with honour and integrity — that’s not a game, that’s an Adult Thing.”

“That’s not a game at all. That’s like fuckin’ Shakespeare.”

Fligig gi-gigig gi-gigig, indeed.

Black (and by extension, Tenacious D) has obviously had video games on his mind for the last year or so, starring as Bowser in The Super Mario Bros Movie. A song Black recorded for the film, Peaches, became an instant hit (and appeared to contain the world’s most subtle Rickroll).

Anyway, you can listen to the whole song (complete with excellent animated video that casts the band in various video game roles as often as it does feature them naked on horseback).

I feel confident in saying this is the one. This is the song the D wrote Tribute about, the greatest song in the world. You can stream Video Games by Tenacious D on YouTube or your music streaming platform of choice.

Happy Friday.

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