Lance Reddick Honoured In Horizon Forbidden West Expansion Update

Lance Reddick Honoured In Horizon Forbidden West Expansion Update

Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores expansion now includes a tribute to the late Lance Reddick, voice of Sylens, after a recent update. Reddick sadly passed away in March at age 60 just before the release of the DLC, and at the time tributes flowed in from the gaming community for the prolific actor.

Reddick’s voice and face were fully performance captured for his role as Sylens, a prominent character (both ally and foe) in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, as well as the Burning Shores DLC.  While there were no in-game tributes to the actor at launch for the DLC, the newest update now includes a heartfelt nod to him, as noted by Guerilla Games. 

The Horizon Forbidden West developer took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the memorial, which is situated on Widemaw Island, the first island visited in the expansion. The memorial features Reddick’s name in holographic lights floating above a colourful circle of flowers. The holograph can be more easily viewed and spotted at night due to the lights.  It’s a fitting tribute to such a key contributor to the Horizon story, given Burning Shores’ post-apocalyptic Los Angeles setting is a nod to Hollywood.

“In honour of Lance Reddick, we created a memorial to commemorate the profound impact he had on us all,” Guerilla Games said in their tweet, “Thank you, Lance, for everything you brought to the role of Sylens: your gravitas, energy, wisdom and more. An incomparable talent and friend. We miss you terribly.”

A number of players have shared more detailed information about the exact location of the memorial, if you’d like to try find it in-game yourself:

Reddick was already a big name in video games prior to his work on the Horizon series, known best as Destiny’s Commander Zavala. At the time of his passing earlier this year, Destiny 2 players shared their own personal tributes to him, with some gathering in The Tower around Commander Zavala to honour him.

It’s unclear how future Horizon instalments will handle Sylens’ story going forward, but Reddick’s work on other games such as Destiny 2 appears to still be in the pipeline. Bungie confirmed that there was more content to come featuring Reddick, although didn’t confirm how much he had recorded prior to his death. 

Between future Destiny 2 content featuring Commander Zavala and the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores memorial, Lance Reddick’s legacy in the gaming world will continue to live on for players to experience and honour the talented actor.


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