Horizon: Burning Shores’ Preorders Are Live, But The Bonus DLC Is Kind Of Lame

Horizon: Burning Shores’ Preorders Are Live, But The Bonus DLC Is Kind Of Lame

PlayStation has announced that preorders for Burning Shores, the upcoming expansion to 2022’s Horizon: Forbidden West, are now live. It is hoping to entice players into making an order, as publishers often do, but throwing in a bit of free DLC to sweeten the deal. However, Horizon: Forbidden West – Burning Shores‘ preorder bonus may leave a bit to be desired.

Here’s what you get for preordering on the PlayStation Store:

horizon burning shores
Image: PlayStation

You get a new outfit and a matching sharpshot bow, which can be collected from their respective merchants when you load up the Horizon: Burning Shores expac for the first time.

It’s a fine outfit and everything — it’s giving Roman Centurion Who’s Weirdly Into Ropes — but, I don’t know, am I the only one that feels a bit Whelmed here? This wouldn’t get me to throw down a preorder. It’s an afterthought I’ll throw on my already teetering pile of Horizon: Forbidden West outfits and forget about. The expansion itself, a full-scale extension to what is already an excellent game, is the true draw here.

Horizon: Forbidden West – Burning Shores takes Aloy to “a dangerous new region south of the Tenakth Clan Lands”, aka the ruins of Los Angeles and Southern California. If it’s an expansion on the level of Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s Frozen Wilds expansion, we’ll be in for an excellent companion piece that is both a meaningful and meaty extension to an already great experience. Also, kind of fun that Guerilla is running with the elemental theme again.

As a PSA for anyone keen to pick this expac up: you will need to have completed Forbidden West‘s main campaign in order to start the DLC. Once you’ve done that, Aloy will get a call over her Focus, and the Burning Shores journey will kick off.

Horizon: Forbidden West – Burning Shores launches April 19, 2023, for the PlayStation 5.

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