Overwatch 2 Is Getting A New Healer With A High Skill Ceiling

Overwatch 2 Is Getting A New Healer With A High Skill Ceiling

On Tuesday, Blizzard released a new trailer for season 6 of Overwatch 2. Titled Invasion, the season will see players fighting against a legion of Null Sector omnics with the help of a new support hero named Illari, who unleashes the power of the sun in her giant rail gun.

While the fifth season of OW2 left a lot to be desired with its Dungeons & Dragons-inspired PvP mode and its take on popular hide-and-seek game mode Prop Hunt, the sixth season of the hero shooter looks to rein its focus back in on OW2’s ever-elusive story by putting its heroes on the backfoot against Null Sector omnics in a PVE event, adding two new PVP maps, and shaking the meta up with the launch of a new gun-toting healer who appears to have as high of a skill ceiling as Ana.

Illari will be Overwatch’s 38th hero, and in keeping with her Incan name (which means “sunrise”), she has a bunch of sun-infused motifs baked into her toolkit. Her rail gun, for example, which appears to have both hitscan and projectile-based attack modes, is seemingly powered by a sun-like ball of light she harnesses from the palms of her hands. Her healing ability, which is similar to Baptiste’s healing grenades, is a projectile that sticks to surfaces and shoots a beam of light to nearby allies. Her ultimate sees her fly in the air and blast enemies with a powerful ball of light. Basically, Illari looks to be yet another high-skilled healer on par with Ana in terms of how many things she can do while micromanaging healing her teammates and dishing out damage.


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The trailer also teases all-new story missions where a fleet of Null Sector bots, some as fast as Tracer and some as sturdy as Bastion, run amok in a city not for the sake of starting a war with the heroes but to liberate the omnics from their subjugation by humanity. Suffice it to say, the levels of property damage dished out by both Null Sector and the Overwatch team in their firefight are pretty high. But property damage be damned, I’m just happy to finally see more story content that isn’t non sequitur events like last season’s tabletop RPG-style plotline.

The latter half of OW2’s season six trailer blitzes through a bunch of new content coming to the game which includes:

  • Flashpoint: a new PvP mode
  • New maps: Survasa and New Junk City
  • Hero Mastery: a new game mode called where you can test your skills with characters like Mercy and Reinhardt in a battle simulation against bots
  • A new “underworld” co-op event
  • New omnic-looking hero skins
  • Overwatch 2’s anniversary event (can you believe it’s already been a year?)

Overwatch 2 season six will launch on August 10.

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