Overwatch 2 Announced With Emotional Trailer

Overwatch 2 Announced With Emotional Trailer

Blizzard has finally announced Overwatch 2, the next iteration of the developer’s massively popular first-person hero shooter.

In the new trailer, revealed today at Blizzcon, Overwatch heroes Mei, Winston and Tracer touch down in Paris, which is overrun by omnics from the extremist group Null Sector. When a behemoth omnic shows up to wreak havoc and all looks lost, the Overwatch team reassembles along with a new friend:

In June, Kotaku reported that Blizzard cancelled its Starcraft first-person shooter to redistribute resources to Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. At that time, Kotaku learned that Overwatch 2 would have a strong player-versus-environment element—something regular Overwatch players might have encountered in the game’s Halloween and anniversary seasonal events.

Those events received mixed reactions at first, with some players citing how canned or static they felt. As the game aged, players received more dynamic PvE events, like April, 2017’s “Uprising.”

Last week, the leaks continued as Rod “Slasher” Breslau shared details about Overwatch 2 on ESPN. The report claimed that Overwatch 2 would offer more story and narrative, plus items and hero talents. Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director, added that Push would be the core mode for ranked and casual play, and it will become the main competitive mode for the Overwatch League.

More details incoming.


  • It’s good to see they are finally embracing the world full of interesting lore and characters and bringing that to the forefront.

    • I didn’t mind the hidden lore, but I’m glad to see more of it. i’m also glad to see more vs AI. I got sick of not being good enough and dragging my friends down. Also, the toxic environment.
      They better have much fairer loot boxes too.

  • More of that forced melodrama “make you feel” bullshit. Genji was cool though.
    Pretty much everything after Genji showed up was a good romp.

    I wonder how all those people who bought Overwatch on Switch are feeling about this.
    And hey, one (1) new character!

    • OW1 will get everything that OW2 has, except for PvE content, so they aren’t missing out on much, especially since the vast majority of people who bought OW, did so for the PvP aspect in the first place

      • Aye, I saw that later. Forgot about this comment.
        That’s actually honestly pretty cool of Blizzard. Kinda weird that PVE is locked behind another full game, but a bargain if you somehow haven’t bought Overwatch 1 yet.

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