Magic: The Gathering’s Fallout Collaboration Features Dogmeat As A Commander

Magic: The Gathering’s Fallout Collaboration Features Dogmeat As A Commander

Fallout’s goodest boy, Dogmeat, is heading to Magic: The Gathering in an upcoming collaboration exploring the post-nuclear RPG world in TCG form. Wizards of the Coast unveiled a first look at the new products releasing as part of the Fallout crossover on 8 March, 2024, and there’s Vault Boys, Mothman, Cyber-Hounds, and plenty more coming in hot – so get your RadAway ready.

Four Commander decks will be released as part of the Magic: The Gathering – Fallout collaboration, with each based on a three-colour gameplay and in-world theme. The four decks are:

  • Scrappy Survivors (Red-Green-White) focuses on scavenging for Food tokens, allies, and the newly-introduced Junk to buff your creatures – and just to make it even better, your commander is the best boy and top-notch companion, Dogmeat.
  • Mutant Menace (Red-Green-White) features Fallout’s menagerie of mutated creatures and cryptids, helmed by The Wise Mothman as the Commander. This deck uses proliferate, counters, and the ability to irradiate both yourself and your opponents.
  • Hail, Caesar (Red-White-Black) features Fallout: New Vegas’ Caesar as the commander and is all about playing aggressively and squadding up with militant factions, soldiers, and wasteland raiders.
  • Science! (Blue-White-Red) is helmed by Dr. Madison Li as the Commander as you play artifacts to generate energy to power high-tech weapons and pre-war robots for gaggles of scientists.

Beyond the Commander decks, Magic: The Gathering – Fallout will also launch with Collector Boosters that include special versions of cards featuring the Pip-Boy treatment, borderless Vault Boy reprints of iconic staples, and full-art basic lands depicting isometric environments from the classic Fallout games.

Magic: The Gathering – Fallout products don’t launch until 8 March 2024, so for now, crack open a Nuka-Cola, get your power armour ready, and check out some more of the highlights from the upcoming collaboration – it’s certainly not swords and sorcery fantasy on these cards, but we’re so here for it (and for all of the Dogmeat cards).

Lead Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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