Starfield Player Builds ‘Biblically Accurate’ Star Destroyer, Drops Game To 15 FPS

Starfield Player Builds ‘Biblically Accurate’ Star Destroyer, Drops Game To 15 FPS

Starfield players continue to impress with their mind-blowing ship builds, but one player has taken the cake with a faithful recreation of the Star Wars Star Destroyer on a scale so massive and so detailed it drops the game’s FPS to 15.

As first reported by GamesRadar, Reddit user DotElectronic7174 shared their creation to the Starfield ships subreddit, and while there’s been plenty of other renditions of the iconic Star Destroyer built in-game so far, this one really takes the cake for absolutely nailing it. It comes complete with a spot-on exterior, a full interior with multiple decks and passageways, and a wide open cockpit befitting of a galaxy far, far away.

DotElectronic7174 says building the Star Destroyer in Starfield only involved “some console commands and the unrestricted ship builder trainer,” which is a mod that removes some limits from the shipbuilder, such as size restrictions. According to replies on the post, it has a whopping 20,796 mass, a hull rating of 6,837, and 33,280 cargo. The behemoth can reach a top speed of 130 with 26 mobility and a jump range of nine light years. “The thing is slow and some of the turrets sometimes bug out and stop firing…It’s not practical at all, but it was worth it,” its creator said.

Starfield subreddit users were quick to praise the build, with one commenter calling it the “best Star Destroyer I’ve seen so far.” Another user called it a “Biblically accurate Star Destroyer,” which feels fitting, honestly. Just to really get a sense of scale, DotElectronic7174 shared a photo of the Star Destroyer docked in New Atlantis and completely swamping some warehouses, after other users demanded to see whether the creation could actually land.

Starfield Star Destroyer
Image: Bethesda / DotElectronic7174 on Reddit

The fact this ship could even be built in Starfield, let alone actually get off the ground is pretty impressive, and honestly shits all over any attempts of mine to create my own custom builds. It’s well and truly up there with some of the best ship builds in-game, alongside other cool references to classic sci-fi ships.

Have you been tinkering around with the ship builder in Starfield and made anything cool? Let us know in the comments.

Lead Image Credit: Bethesda / DotElectronic7174

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