Alan Wake II Patch Fixes Progress-Breaking Bugs

Alan Wake II Patch Fixes Progress-Breaking Bugs

Yesterday, Alan Wake II, the hotly anticipated sequel horror game from Remedy Entertainment, received its fourth patch since its release on October 27.

Thankfully, the full list of fixes on the game’s website won’t require you to scroll through various bug and localization fixes like its previous patches. We’ve only got three big fixes this time around. But despite being the game’s smallest update yet, patch 1.00.09 fixes major progression bugs and audio issues players have been experiencing on consoles and PCs since launch.

Since its release, Alan Wake II received glowing reviews from various media outlets touting it as a late game of the year candidate. It currently has an 89 on Open Critic and an 89 Metacritic score. Unfortunately, players have reported that numerous progress breaking bugs have “gotten worse” since the last string of patch notes. Patch 1.00.09 aims to nip progression issues—including a bug in FBI agent Saga’s chapter where a giant mouse quite literally blocks her path forward—in the bud. An Average New York transit experience, am I right?

Here’s the full patch list:

Xbox Series (

  • A workaround fix for the issue where the audio cut out intermittently in the Prologue. We are expecting a full fix for this issue in an upcoming update.

PlayStation / Xbox Series / PC (

  • Room 665 – Fixed an issue (again) with the Echo scene not aligning and unlocking correctly (this was fixed in the previous update, but Echo hell still persisted)
  • Local Girl – Fixed an issue with a mouse (with a big presence) blocking progress.

In our review of Alan Wake II, we said the narrative-driven horror meta-shooter was a “game in which even the flaws contribute to its texture as a fresh and original experience, not a focus-tested product but a work that has a vision and really goes for it.” What’s more, the sequel is approachable for folks who haven’t played the first game.


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