Palworld’s Latest Patch Fixes Effigies, Grenades, And Save Corruption

Palworld’s Latest Patch Fixes Effigies, Grenades, And Save Corruption

As smash hit survival and animal-catching game Palworld is still in Early Access, bugs and hiccups are to be expected. The game’s developer, Pocketpair, has been quick to address many of the game’s more frustrating bugs, including issues with its respec item which were plaguing players. The latest patch continues the trend, bringing a bunch of new, welcome fixes to the game on both Xbox and Steam.

The Effigies are fixed!

As we documented in our tips piece covering issues with Lifmunk Effigies, which should increase your Pal capture rate upon collecting and offering them to a statue of power, you can now safely rely on those little green statues to juice your capture rates. (A bug previously resulted in them sometimes having the opposite of their intended effect.)

Save data should be less prone to corruption now, too

Headlining Pocketpair’s patch notes were issues regarding save data. Previously, you were likely to suffer a corrupted save file if a certain number of Pals were captured. This has now been fixed as per the notes:

・Fixed an issue where the game would always crash and save data would be corrupted when the total number of Pals captured by the guild reached approximately 7000.

・In the previous patch, save data that had already been in this state (for servers, the server’s world data) remained in a broken state that made it impossible to load, but after applying this patch it will be resolved and will load properly.

No more vanishing grenades

If you found that your weapons would just disappear when using a grenade during multiplayer sessions, feel free to start chucking your ‘nades like Solid Snake fighting a tank.

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Once you’re done with combat, though, you’ll be happy to find that your base should be running a bit more smoothly now.

Stubbornly snoozing Pals and other fixes to your bases

According to the patch notes, Pals assigned to breeding farms would go to sleep and “not wake up forever.” While that actually sounds very enviable, it’s not so great if you’re trying to optimize that lazy little labor force of yours.

Also, the latest patch ensures that Wood regularly drops from trees cut down by Pals. No more work with nothing to show for it.

On top of “countermeasures against some cheats and exploits,” v0.1.4.1 brings a welcome number of fixes. As always, you can manually report bugs by clicking on the “Report Bugs and Issues” option in the main menu, or by using this form on Pocketpair’s site.

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