These Demon Slayer Crocs Will Have You Slaying The Fashion Game

These Demon Slayer Crocs Will Have You Slaying The Fashion Game
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It has been proven, time and time again, that Crocs aren’t the ugly, smelly, foam shoes that people think they are. In fact, Gen Z have made them fashionable again, so you’re officially allowed to wear them now — yes, even in sports mode. The one exception to this rule is that they’ve banned at Counter-Strike tournaments. You’ve been warned.

Not only are Crocs some of the comfiest sandals you’ll ever wear in your life, they also come in a variety of designs and there are heaps of collaborations if a plain pair isn’t your style. Case in point: the recent announcement of Crocs’ latest collab with the popular anime, Demon Slayer.

There are three different Croc styles to choose from, with four different designs based on Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke and Zenitsu.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Echo Clog

Image: Crocs

These Tanjiro-themed Crocs are for someone who oozes main character energy. The Crocs Echo Clog is a super-stylish version of the Classic Clog that takes inspiration from high-end sports sneakers and streetwear. They come with the Tanjiro Jibbitz charms too, so you won’t need to buy any extra (unless you’re an absolute baller when it comes to Crocs).

Classic Crocs Demon Slayer Nezuko Clog

demon slayer crocs

If you would rather avoid attracting attention, you can either sit inside a wooden box all day or you can get these Nezuko-inspired Classic Crocs from the Demon Slayer collab. These are the shoes that everyone pictures when they think of Crocs, the classic lightweight, waterproof design that spawned a comfort revolution. These pink clogs have Nezuko’s signature bamboo muzzle and they come with Jibbitz featuring her box and hair ribbon.

Demon Slayer Inosuke All-Terrain Clog

Image: Crocs

For those that like to go beast mode, these Inosuke Crocs come in the All-Terrain Clog design, meaning they have an adjustable sports strap, as well as extra rubber bits for traction and support. These bad boys have a strip of fur on the top and come with Inosuke Jibbitz so everybody knows you mean business.

Demon Slayer Zenitsu All-Terrain Clog

demon slayer crocs
Image: Crocs

If you’re not a boar, but still want to enjoy some off-roading in your clogs, these Zenitsu Crocs also come in the rugged All-Terrain design. They come with some cute Zenitsu-themed Jibbitz too, so you can show everyone that your personality is more than just being scared.

Check out the full range of Demon Slayer Crocs here.

Lead image credit: Crocs/Crunchyroll


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