Scavenge For Trash In Space (And Don’t Die) In Lethal Company

Scavenge For Trash In Space (And Don’t Die) In Lethal Company

Lethal Company, an early-access indie co-op horror game about scavenging moons for trash to sell to the Company, has skyrocketed to Steam’s third best-selling game by revenue this week, outselling titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Apex Legends.

The title, which is currently still in early access, sees you and your fellow players collecting scrap from abandoned moons to meet the Company’s profit quota before a deadline. Any cash you earn allows you to travel to new moons, which are riskier to explore but offer higher rewards – as well as upgrades for the ship and your suit. As you explore, you can fill your bestiary, rummage through industrial trash, and experience the outdoors – but, just like Lethal Company’s description says, “never miss the quota.”

While Lethal Company might sound like an idealistic jaunt through space (with an added dose of capitalism), the real fun comes from the added danger of traps and monsters lurking on the surface of each moon you visit, which only get more dangerous as night falls. If this doesn’t sound spooky enough, the game uses dynamic proximity chat so you can hear your fellow crewmates screaming from afar long before you see the cause. One user describes it as “Phasmophobia crossed with Deep Rock Galactic,” which is a pretty solid comparison.

On top of outselling other major games on Steam, only beaten by Counter-Strike 2 and Call of Duty, Lethal Company is crushing it on the reviews front too – it’s rated as ‘overwhelmingly positive’ with over eight thousand reviews to date since its October 24 launch.  By all accounts, players are absolutely loving Lethal Company, with one review reading: “Got my ass rekt but my teammates were able to get my dead body for $60. Worth it.” Other reviews rave about the use of proximity chat, with plenty of memorable experiences already cropping up as crewmates die horrifically (and hilariously).

The dev behind it all, Zeekerss, is also creator of Silent Dark on Roblox, which had over five million visits before an ill-fated update to the game rendered it unplayable. Zeekerss has plenty of experience creating horror experiences and has continued to release short, spooky games on including Take Your Wish and Upturned.

It looks like we’ll be seeing plenty more of Lethal Company as it enjoys its second week in the best-selling chart, with Zeekerss promising updates and new content as the game continues to cruise through its first few weeks post-launch. Any game where you get to hear the muffled screaming of your mates as they shit themselves over an in-game monster ranks pretty highly with me, and clearly there’s plenty of others out there who agree.

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Lead Image Credit: Zeekerss


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