Lethal Company Skyrockets To Highest-Rated Steam Release Of 2023

Lethal Company Skyrockets To Highest-Rated Steam Release Of 2023

Early access co-op horror Lethal Company has been going from strength to strength. The game went viral in the month since launch, and now it’s outranking major titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 to become the highest-rated Steam release of 2023.

According to SteamDB, Lethal Company sits in the top spot for 2023 Steam releases based on rating percentages – SteamDB’s data indicates that 97.29% of the ratings it has received since going into early access have been positive. Steam itself reflects that 98% of the 81,427 reviews and counting (at the time of writing) are positive, a jump from the 8,000-odd reviews it had just over a fortnight ago. 

This is in addition to Lethal Company holding firm among the Steam top sellers based on revenue for the fourth week in a row. It has out-sold both Counter-Strike 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 for the week, despite only costing a cool $14.50 AUD. If that’s not enough and you’d like more big numbers, it’s also currently entertaining 127k viewers on Twitch on the quiet Tuesday afternoon this piece was written, the fourth most-viewed Twitch category behind Just Chatting, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fortnite (and not even by much).

Lethal Company has become a near-instant hit thanks to its co-op gameplay, chaotic proximity chat, and propensity for multiplayer shenanigans. Players take on the role of contractors travelling between abandoned moons to collect scrap for the Company to meet the quota by a deadline, but these industrialised moons are home to more danger than meets the eye. 

Already, modders have gotten to work on content for the game, with some mods on Thunderstore.io already expanding the lobby to 40 players (AKA pure bedlam – almost 600,000 users have downloaded this mod already), new suits, and other little changes on top of updates, new content, and hotfixes from sole developer Zeekerss themselves.

It’s safe to say that Lethal Company has made a big impact, and gamers are loving it. The winning combination of scaring fellow players shitless and co-operative gameplay has struck gold again.

Have you jumped onto Lethal Company yet? Let us know in the comments.

Lead Image Credit: Zeekerss

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