Local Spotlight: Become An Insufferable Woman And Make Bank Off The Dead In Mystiques

Local Spotlight: Become An Insufferable Woman And Make Bank Off The Dead In Mystiques

Like antiquing? Ever considered embarking on haunted antiquing with a gaggle of “insufferable” women? Mystiques is exactly that: a haunted antiquing game that sees four women turn to the paranormal in search of the most valuable treasures from dearly departed souls in pursuit of reviving their faltering business.

At Freeplay Parallels this year, Ally McLean Hennessy of Sydney-based Lemonade Games described Mystiques as an homage to the insufferable women in hers and all of our lives. Mystiques has players poking around old buildings and communicating with the dead to find out exactly which objects might fetch a good price – all the while managing and decorating your antique store and maintaining friendships with your business partners. GamesHub described Mystiques as “The Bling Ring by way of Ghostbusters”, and that’s a pretty spot-on assessment, in my view.

McLean Hennessy says Mystiques is a “pure distillation of things I hold dearest: Insane women, cute outfits, and dead people’s houses,” if that gives you any indication of what to expect when the game launches. It’s weird in all the best ways, and sneak peeks of in-game footage and assets are equal parts spooky and stylish, as all good things should be.

Mystiques Game
Image: Lemonade Games

Send your crew of antiquing specialists out to find the perfect addition to your store, and those who stay behind can study up with books to expand their areas of expertise. Use your psychic powers for personal gain (as most people probably would), and turn your business around by dabbling in the arcane. All the while, look extremely fashionable while you’re rummaging through dead people’s things and perhaps rummaging through your own skeletons in the closet, too.

Lemonade Games’ debut game doesn’t have a confirmed release window just yet, but you can keep up to date with all things Mystiques via X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram and see all the spooky, insufferable glory that comes with contacting the dead to make bank from their most prized possessions.

Lead Image Credit: Lemonade Games

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