Aussie-Made Grand Strategy Solium Infernum Will Launch In February

Aussie-Made Grand Strategy Solium Infernum Will Launch In February

Melbourne studio League of Geeks has announced a release date for its hellbound grand strategy game Solium Infernum.

Solium Infernum is a reimagining of a 2009 turn-based strategy game by now-defunct studio Cryptic Comet. Like other grand strategy titles, Solium Infernum blends military tactics with diplomatic strategy. Despite what you may have expected, Hell is not a lawless place. There are clear rules of governance and they must be closely observed. Everyone with even a tenuous grasp on the ladder of power is looking for an angle. The lords of Hell bicker amongst themselves, protecting their domains and consolidating power within them. It’s a place of paranoia and manipulation — much like a CBD office, except war occasionally breaks out.

Your job, in addition to being a strong military tactician, is to become Hell’s greatest political mind. Failure to do so will result in open warfare and, more than likely, a drawer of cutlery being emptied directly into your back.

So yeah, it’s a little bit Civilization and a little bit Crusader Kings. Some of you are leaning toward the screen as you read this, and you should be. What I’ve played has been quite good. The demo is still available on the game’s Steam page and is free to check out.

Solium Infernum launches February 14, 2024 on PC. Yep, Valentines Day. Fire up a multiplayer game and take your date to Hell.

League of Geeks also has the much-lighter strategy/colony sim hybrid Jumplight Odyssey in the works, just in case Hell isn’t specifically your thing.

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