Snacktaku: Sour Patch Kids Gamerz Are The Snack Food Equivalent Of An Asset Flip

Snacktaku: Sour Patch Kids Gamerz Are The Snack Food Equivalent Of An Asset Flip

Sour Patch Kids have just dropped a new re-skin of their sour gummies, now coming in the shape of gaming peripherals and Sour Patch Kids holding onto controllers and VR sets. The new pack also comes with a new Boysenberry flavour as well if you’re a purple lolly flavour kinda guy.

It’s been years since I’ve tried a sour patch kid. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, I’m just more of a savoury snack kinda guy. But overall I liked the Sour Patch Kids here. The sour level is just the right amount to avoid making your mouth shrivel up like you’ve bitten into a lemon, and not too sweet to where you’ll immediately book a dentist appointment to check for cavities. So it’s a win in my book!

If you like Sour Patch Kids already, there isn’t really anything new in this pack that will blow your mind. It’s still the classic Sour Patch Kids taste, but in different shapes and sizes.

So, let’s take a look at these little guys.

It’s a bit hard to tell, and I won’t blame my impeccable photo skills, but the Sour Patch Kids indeed have been”gamerfied”. On first glance, it might be hard to tell, thanks to the sugary dust burying them. But take that away (by licking them like a damn dirty dog), and you do get to see the cute detailed gummies.

From the controller gummies even having button shapes included, the circular gummies shaped like singular oversized controller buttons, and the little gamer guys are wearing little headsets.

Does this affect the taste of the sour patch gummy? Look, not really. But if you’re keen on trying some different textures while scoffing down a bag, you’ll absolutely get that.

The only new flavour of the set was the boysenberry purple flavour. Purple flavourings for lollies are always a hit-and-miss. Either they taste like the perfect blackcurrant treat, or they taste like cough medicine. Here, the boysenberry thankfully avoids the cough medicine comparisons and has a more sweet and tart-like flavour. So in terms of similarities to actual boysenberry, I think it’s a solid effort. I definitely wanted to keep ferociously filling my gullet with a combo of the boysenberry and the strawberry flavours at the same time.

As mentioned above, I’m not usually a lollie guy. They’re either too sweet, have a stale taste, or just give me ulcers from the sourness. But there is something about the Sour Patch Kids that somehow strikes the right balance to avoid those issues I usually have with other sweeter treats. So if you’re in a similar boat, or are a candy fanatic, I think it’s worth picking up a bag for yourself and trying them out.

I’m giving the gamer Sour Patch Kids a solid Sweatacritic score of 7/10.

You can pick these up from your local Woolworths, Metcash, 7-Eleven, BP, Impulse, Viva and Ampol now, with Sour Patch Kids Gamerz due to hit Coles and Big W to come later. Each bag is $5.00 RRP.

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