Group Behind Epic Games Hack Now Says They Made It Up

Group Behind Epic Games Hack Now Says They Made It Up

You might have seen a story about an Epic Games hack last week. A hacker group called Mogilevich announced it had successfully stolen around 189GB of data from Epic Games and that it planned to hold Epic’s data for ransom. The manner of the purported hack was similar to that of the recent Insomniac hacks. After having the weekend to think about it, the group has changed its tune, now claiming that no hack ever took place and that, in fact, it made the whole thing up.

As reported by David Hollingworth over at Cyber Daily, attempting to click on a supposed link containing the hacked Epic Games files takes you to a page written by a Mogilevich representative named Pongo. “Unfortunately this link led you to an important announcement of our business instead of evidence of a breached database,” the page reads. The message goes on to make a surprising admission: Mogilevich now says it is not a ransonware group at all, but “but professional fraudsters.”

Mogilevich says the reason it pulled its little stunt was to attract new marks it could potentially scam and that no data was ever stolen at all. This lines up with what Epic Games has already said about the supposed hack, claiming that it can find no evidence of any systems breach internally.

The question remains: is Mogilevich telling the truth, or is this just a bit of misdirection in hopes of throwing Epic’s legal team off their scent? Time’s gonna tell on that one.

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