This Great FF7 Rebirth Accessory Is The Perfect Endgame Goal

This Great FF7 Rebirth Accessory Is The Perfect Endgame Goal

Open-world RPG Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features a lot of fighting. So you’ll want to be equipped with the best possible equipment—especially if you’re gunning for a platinum trophy and full Hard Mode run.

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One of the coolest pieces of kit available to your characters, Gotterdammerung, instantly maxes out your Limit Break gauge at the start of a fight. Sounds awesome, right? Well, yes, it is. But you’ll have to work for it and take on some of the toughest fights in the game. Not only that, you’ll have to complete every single proto-relic side-quest if you haven’t already. It’s a long road to earn this item, so let’s go over what you’ll need and how to prepare.

What is Gotterdammerung? (and why do you need it?)

Gotterdammerung is a very pretty necklace that will not only turn heads (though technically you can’t see accessories equipped on characters, but I like to imagine the NPCs see it), but will also fill up your character’s Limit Break gauge to 100 percent at the start of a fight, allowing you to execute some of the game’s most powerful moves immediately. And that’s not all: Gotterdammerung also replenishes your Limit Break gauge over the course of the battle.

Given how powerful Limit Breaks are, this is a must have for a proper Hard Mode run. That said, you can only unlock it in Hard Mode. But worry not, as you don’t need to play the whole game all over again to do so.

Okay, where do I get Gotterdammerung?

You can earn Gotterdammerung by way of Chadley. I know, he’s annoying; but he’s actually the least of your troubles here. You’ll need to complete every proto-relic quest in the game, followed by all of the battles on Gilgamesh Island, including Gilgamesh himself.

This will unlock Brutal Challenges in Chadley’s Combat Simulator, which you’ll need to be playing on Hard Mode to take on. Brutal Challenges are, you guessed it, brutal. There are six Brutal Challenges, five of which feature 10 rounds of combat each against multiples of increasingly difficult enemies that combine in some pretty noxious ways. You’ll need to ace all six to earn Gotterdammerung, with the final challenge featuring harder versions of all the summon battles on Gilgamesh Island and Sephiroth (no pressure).

Working up to Brutal Challenges

You need to wrap up Rebirth’s main story to unlock Hard Mode. Once you do, you can access Hard Mode any time you use Chapter Selection in the menu. Given how advantageous Gotterdammerung is to own, you’ll want to get this item as soon as you can, especially to use against bosses in Hard Mode.

You can access Hard Mode in any of the game’s chapters once you beat the game. But I recommend warping to Chapter 12 on Hard Mode, playing through the brief opening with the Tiny Bronco, and then taking on the Brutal Challenges this way before starting from the beginning of the game. As long as you don’t sleep at the Ghost Hotel during this Chapter, you can fast travel anywhere in the world and battle with the full party.

For Brutal Challenges, you should ideally be max level, with tons of great materia ready to equip. The benefit of warping to Chapter 12 is that you can warp to any point in the world to earn EXP, materia, and equipment through side-quests and other activities. You should probably finish all of the regular Combat Simulator battles before taking these challenges on, as well.

Gotterdammerung is a wildly powerful piece of equipment to possess in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. While you’ll have to work to earn it, having Limit Breaks so readily available to use is easily worth the struggle.

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