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Last week was a seven-day bonanza full of exciting speedruns, as the Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 marathon raised over $US2 million ($2.5 million) for charity. Here are some of my favourite runs from the show.


The schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 was released earlier this week. The week long schedule was culled down from a record 1688 game submissions, that would otherwise take over 100 days to complete.

Here's a handful of the game you won't see at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 and some alternatives to watch instead.


Remnants of Naezith is a platformer that stars a grappling hook and wants to be the Super Meat Boy of twitch-based ledge swinging. There are dragon souls and remnants of them (as the title suggests), but in the end it's all about being a futuristic Tarzan in a low-res world.


Six years ago, Awesome Games Done Quick started as a small outfit of speedrunners who played games to raise money for cancer prevention. Since then, AGDQ has ballooned into a big event: this year alone, viewers donated $US2.2 ($3) million dollars for a good cause. The added visibility has brought new challenges, as runners and organisers butt heads over rules that dictate what is banned from the event.