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Honour of Kings is an enormous success for Tencent in China, so there was some hope that the simplified mobile MOBA would find success in the West particularly after its Switch launch last year. But a new report from Reuters suggests that Tencent has disbanded its European and American marketing teams for the Western version of the game, which still has a couple of hundred thousand daily active users in the regions.


A couple of weeks ago, I read a story filled with anonymous sources about some alleged turmoil between Riot Games and their Chinese parent, Tencent. While not speaking to the truth of anything printed, it did remind me that Arena of Valor was playable in Australia.

So I've been giving it a whirl for a little while, and as a result, I can fully understand if - or why - Riot might have been a bit ticked off.


Now that it's done Razer-ing the hell out of PC and console gaming, Razer is turning its attention to mobile. Launching on November 17, the $US700 ($913) Razer Phone features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, 8 gigabytes of RAM and the world's first 120 Hz "UltraMotion" display. Candy Crush is going to run so well on this.