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As sports fans will be well aware, the Australian Open tennis grand slam is currently playing host to a lot of athletes busy either underperforming, not giving a shit or confounding expectations entirely.

So what does a fan do when things aren't going to plan on the court? You make your own virtual player and beat the snot out of everyone. And to help you rectify the errors and on-court apathy, here's the best virtual recreations of tennis in video games.


They were originally conceived as a way for developers to get credit for the games they worked on. But Easter Eggs are now a way for developers to tip their hat to their fans, a way to joke about the past, surprise alternate endings or a way to interact with their audience in diabolical ways that go beyond the game.

Easter Eggs are now a staple of video game design, so to help celebrate the long weekend let's look back on some of the best Easter Eggs ever made.