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Heard of “sandbox games?” Well, now it’s literal: You can play as tiny, plastic soldiers in a sandpit as part of Call of Duty: WWII’s Days of Summer event. The seasonal fun also spans across Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare, but this particular map is exclusive to WWII, and is one of the better ones.


The Zombies World Championship is returning on Sunday, August 5, and the future looks positive for competitive Call of Duty Zombies. Highly-skilled finalists will compete for an increased prize pool in a tournament that promises to be more polished than last year’s inaugural event.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III mixes the series' familiar first-person shooting with a wild cyberpunk storyline. The narrative breaks apart the further the player progress unless it finally explodes in a level that mixes World War II, zombies, and dying dreams. That level, Demon Within, is both the high point of the campaign and a horrifying cry for help from the game itself.


Super Mario 4D Universe -- or whatever the next one will be called -- should come with every single level in the Mushroom Constitutional Monarchy unlocked. The next Grand Theft Auto should make all of its missions immediately playable in the very first minute. Uncharted 4 should let me jump into the middle of Nathan Drake's adventures as soon as I slip the disc into my PlayStation.


Ah, the magic of config files. TheCircuitChaser wasn't able to run the beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 very well on his PC because it's lacking the tweakable video settings that should be in the final game, so he decided to see how crappy he could make the game look. By digging into the game's config file, he was able to make the game turn into a low-res monstrosity that resembles a PS One game.