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When it comes to retro shooters, Star Wars: Dark Forces is up there with the likes of DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D. In fact, the game's engine was advanced for its time: you could look up and down and levels spanned multiple floors. Now it's getting a tribute, in the form of the first level, remade in Unreal Engine 4. And it looks hot.


Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, known by regular humans just as Jedi Academy, is a shooter that was released back in 2003. Part of a series that originated with the best Star Wars game of all time, it's being kept alive by mods like Movie Battles, which "lets players play and fight in the most iconic battles seen throughout the entire saga!"


There's a chance that you might have most of these games already. God knows they've been on sale plenty of times over the last few years. But if you haven't, or there's just one or two games that you wouldn't mind picking up for bugger all, then you've got just over 24 hours left to take advantage of a decent opportunity.