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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a little over a month away, and many die hard fans are set on playing it with a GameCube controller. The retro hardware’s hold on Smash Bros. players’ imagination is so intense Nintendo’s even started manufacturing them again.

But the game features up to eight player local multiplayer, so one enterprising fan decided to create a custom adaptor for up to eight GameCube controllers to work on the Switch at once.


People are always recreating things in Unreal Engine: Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid, Diddy Kong Racing.

Often, though not always, these projects result in short videos or barely playable mods that serve as a cool “What if?” but don’t lead to anything more. The creator of GoldenEye 25 says he is dead set on beating the odds and using Unreal Engine 4 to recreate the Nintendo 64 classic in its entirety.


It's been a year since Gravity Falls aired its series finale, and I, one of the show's many super-fans, miss it so much. But now, there's a visual novel on the way that can help me relive some of the wackiness of that small, mysterious Oregon town. It's called Reverse Falls.