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In 2018, I enjoyed playing some excellent games from, uh, 2017. It’s too bad that 2017 Maddy didn’t play Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Hollow Knight when they came out; if she had, they would have been on her 2017 best-of list. Luckily for current-day me, 2018 also had several great hits. Here are ten of my favourites in alphabetical order.


2018 has been a blur for me. It may just be that I’m in the last year of my twenties, or it could be that extreme events just did not stop happening this year.
As with any year, I took refuge in games when I wanted to relax, enjoy myself, socialise with friends, or just check out of reality for a while.


I don’t normally shed tears when a video game ends. I hardly ever pause in the middle of a playthrough to appreciate a clever game mechanic. I do stop to listen to game music, but it’s rare I spend minutes trying to get gameplay and soundtrack to sync in order to recreate a perfect moment.

All of these things happened during the four hours I spent completing Gris.


Gris is a good-looking indie game that had no trouble hitting a Kickstarter funding goal and grabbing the attention of Devolver Digital just a few months after sending snippets of art and gameplay footage out onto social media. Now it’s headed to Switch and PC before the end of the year.