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  • Let Off Some Steam: Video Game Movies Are NOT Doomed

    A while back on Let Off Some Steam, Kotaku reader David ‘RaygunBrown’ Rayfield put the case forward that movies based on video games were doomed. Many people agreed. Some didn’t. Patrick Stafford was one of those people, and he has written a retort – this is why video game movies are not doomed.

  • Let Off Some Steam: I’m A Hypocrite And A Coward

    Welcome to Let Off Some Steam, the section where you guys get to discuss a topic of your choice. You can rant, you can gush – anything goes! Today’s post may be one of my favourites. David Rayfield, AKA ‘RayGun Brown’ discusses mainstream attitudes to video games, and how he himself is part of the…

  • Let Off Some Steam: Dragon Age II Reviews

    Let Off Some Steam is a new section where we let you guys get something off your chest – it can be a vitriol laced rant, a sappy love letter to whatever, or anything inbetween. Send your ranty words in this direction, and try and keep it under 600 words. This time Thomas Muller makes…