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Nukekubi are a variety of yōkai from Japanese ghost stories who, despite appearing like regular humans, are actually otherworldly beings capable of detaching their heads from their bodies, at which point their heads fly through the air terrifying unsuspecting people.

They’re the sort of mystical apparitions that have haunted the imaginations of storytellers for centuries, and they’re also a common thread between the late Anthony Bourdain and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.


Mike Mignola has said goodbye to his most famous creation (at least for now). Today, the final issue of Hellboy in Hell was released, and there's no last triumph among its pages, no final gruelling battle. It simply ends. In an age of high-spectacle comic books, shocking events and massive scale, there's something incredibly powerful about that.


Tomorrow, March 22, has been declared Hellboy Day by Dark Horse Comics. That's because it's been 20 years since Mike Mignola's signature creation first appeared in print. It's been a long, awesome existence for Anung Un Rama. Let's celebrate it by picking the brain of Hellboy's daddy.