• Do You See The Penguin?

    Do You See The Penguin?

    I found something unexpected in a random cave in Outriders. It’s a formation of rocks and shells that looks a lot like a penguin. Or at least, I think it does. Perhaps I’m just losing my mind after a year of pandemic-induced lockdown.

  • 13 Of The Most Ridiculous TMNT Villains Of All Time

    13 Of The Most Ridiculous TMNT Villains Of All Time

    The Shredder has always been the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ most deadly foe, but the TMNT can’t fight an evil ninja every day of the week. It would get boring! So of course their rogue’s gallery expanded to include mutants, aliens, demons and … uh, a guy named Joey. Here’s a baker’s dozen of the…

  • Here’s Why Mass Effect’s Villains Were So Excellent

    Sometimes it got difficult to remember what evil look like in the Mass Effect games. With all the soap opera of loyalty missions, interplanetary politics and romance plotlines in the three Mass Effect games, it sure was easy to forget what you had to save the universe from. Sure, the threat loomed large but doing…