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WarioWare fans who were eager for the series to finally return this year had to settle for a best-of compilation on the ageing Nintendo 3DS. But WarioWare Gold, is more than just a greatest-hits remaster. It actually had a lot of effort put into it, its lead developer explained to Kotaku.


We sometimes hear the tales behind the making of Nintendo’s greatest games: the Zeldas, the Marios and the Metroids. Let us bend our ears for another tale, this time of the making of Gold Digger, a game about a finger interacting with a nose.


This week, I’ve been playing the latest entry in Nintendo’s series of wacky compilations of seconds-long “microgames”, the first for Nintendo 3DS (and the first since 2010's WarioWare: DIY). It's out in Australia today, and I’ll have a full review next week, but for now I’m still going through all of its features.


No Man's Sky has come a long way since launch, but what does proper multiplayer in the Hello Games universe look like? We find out the answer to that this week, with the game dropping on Xbox One for the first time while the NEXT update hits all consoles.

That's not the only release of note though: Banner Saga 3 drops across the board this week, consoles get some Mega Man X legacy action, and the 3DS gets a new Warioware game.