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If you're the kind of gamer who's keen on the Xbox One X later this year, then you should probably have a flash new Xbox Elite controller. And if you're going to get an Elite pad, you might as well get a discount too.


Something awful happened to me on the weekend: my Xbox Elite controller broke. Well, sort of broke. It still technically functioned, but the right stick was no longer operating as normal. It refused to centre. It was stuck in place slightly to the left, or slightly to the right, or if you wiggled it around sometimes it'd just get stuck on the extremities.

But this is a $200 controller. It's supposed to take more than a few months of hard labour. So I decided to wander into Sydney's Microsoft Store to see if I could get it repaired or exchanged. Thankfully, the process was a breeze.


It will never replace my main gaming rig, or the homemade Steam Box sitting next to my TV, but I'm quite fond of my PS4. I'm enjoying it's performance, the games I get on PS+, the ease of use and it's even coming into its own as a media player. It's been a good buy.

But I've been really starting to love it in the last couple of weeks -- because I've been able to play everything with my Xbox Elite controller.


If you're someone who wanted to play everything on your PS4 without actually having to use Sony's controllers, things could be a bit tricky. If you managed to get your hands on Microsoft's expensive, sexy Elite controller: that's great, provided you play on PC or the Xbox One.

That barrier exists no more, however, with the creators of the CronusMax controller extension pushing out a firmware update that makes it possible to use the Elite controller with a PS4.