You Can Get An Xbox One Elite Controller For $143

You Can Get An Xbox One Elite Controller For $143
Image: Kotaku

Given that Australians usually have to pay $200 for what is currently the nicest controller on the market, this is a damn good buy.

As spotted by OzBargain, Mighty Ape are currently offering a nice little discount on the Xbox One Elite Controller. It’s part of an Ebay-wide Father’s Day deal, which is always handy.

But the real discount to be had is when you apply the CHOICE20 code at checkout, which takes the Xbox Elite from being slightly cheaper to something worthy of consideration:

$143.19 is a pretty damn good deal for an Xbox Elite. It might not have Bluetooth support, like the revision of the Xbox One pad that ships with the Xbox One S, but it’s still a far superior controller.

The store page says there isn’t a great deal of stock left, so you’ll want to move quick on this. You don’t usually see too many deals on the Xbox Elite controller, and with good reason: it’s certainly the best controller Microsoft has ever made.



  • I hear they are the bees knees… But still $143 is a good chunk towards a new GPU and many other things.

    • I’m confusing. I was able to buy one at 3:30pm or so and page said that they still had them in stock. I received the email notice to confirm that the transaction went through.

      • that’s weird 🙁 i tried numerous times throughout yesterday and it was still showing out of stock the entire time

  • I wouldn’t mind one, they do feel pretty damn good… but feel less of a need for one now with the pack-in Xbone controller that came with my Rift.

  • Missed out : ( probably for the best. Just dropped some dough on some pc headphones though, so half win.

    • Ditto. I can’t really spare the $143 right now but I would’ve been kicking myself for not taking the deal.

      Oh well. They’re likely only going to come down in price as the tech ages anyway.

  • Damnit, Bluetooth controller only in white. Would of bought one for PC :(. Cbf resyncing my Elite between PC and Xbox.

  • I remember being pretty excited when I first saw this controller announced. Then I realised, besides the extra buttons the rest of the features are all just…meh. almost gimmicky. Changeable thumbsticks woahh! That’s what I need to up my game!

    • Basically ya, It’s the Pro Market they were after & it’s the sort of options the Pro field expect to have available these days. Some pro-players are 12 years old. some are 27. Just making accommodations I suppose. It’s not such a bad thing to have that customization available.

  • Dang it, missed out. Wanted something more refined than my PS4 controller for Rocket League. Next time my pretty

  • Damn, missed out. 🙁

    Was seriously considering getting one for dual duties on my PC (already have an original Xbone controller) and for FPS’ on my PS4 with a Cronus Max.

    Currently have a Scuf for my PS4 but the build quality is atrocious. I’ve heard good things about some other PS4 controller brands, but similarly I’ve heard great things about the Elite controller.

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