You Can Use Xbox Elite Controllers With Your PS4 Thanks To This Device

You Can Use Xbox Elite Controllers With Your PS4 Thanks To This Device

If you’re someone who wanted to play everything on your PS4 without actually having to use Sony’s controllers, things could be a bit tricky. If you managed to get your hands on Microsoft’s expensive, sexy Elite controller: that’s great, provided you play on PC or the Xbox One.

That barrier exists no more, however, with the creators of the CronusMax controller extension pushing out a firmware update that makes it possible to use the Elite controller with a PS4.

In a post on their official forums, the company has unveiled the latest firmware for the CronuxMAX PLUS device, which allows people to use almost any controller with any console.

The headline changes with the latest update is obviously the support for the Xbox One Elite pad, although the company has also implemented full crossover support for PS4 via a USB hub. “we have made the impossible possible by engineering a state of the art USB gateway that enables the CronusMAX PLUS to communicate with the PS4 controllers security authentication via a simple USB hub, allowing it to stay connected full time without the disconnects or resets that have plagued the device for the last 2 years,” they wrote in their latest video.

“This also cures the “kick back to menu” issue if you were a second player in a fighting games such as Mortal Kombat X or Street Fighter 5 – at last, making the CronusMAX PLUS 100% Pro Tournament Ready! We also added USB Hub support for Xbox One & Xbox 360 consoles so it made controller authorization easier than ever before,” the makers added.

The only reseller of the CronusMAX PLUS in Australia is this one, although you can always order online from eBay or Amazon if that’s your thing. It’s an interesting solution if you have a favourite controller and don’t want to be limited by the console.

It’s also a potential option for, say, hardcore Call of Duty players who have a custom controller and are suddenly finding that they’re useless because the console they’re playing on has changed.


  • Sorry but the people at cronus are thieves,the original creator of such a device are at read the forums i know the developer,he his taking legal action already because cronus keeps waiting for consoletuner to put something out and then they steal and jailbreak the software and put their name on it and say they came up with it….and everytime you post the facts on cronus forums they delete it,they also steal scripts from users at and call it their own.

    • Wow, both websites are pretty much identical, like the products, all the features are listed the same and the price as well. Has to be something more to this than simply waiting for them to release a new product or update software and jailbreaking/back engineering it.

      • They’re no where near the same. CronusMAX has so many more features including full time ps4 cross over authentication (console tuner guy even says himself that this is IMPOSSIBLE , full ps4 sixaxis support and xbox one elite controller support. console tuner are the one who copied the website design – you only have to look at the date of CronusMAX website – July 2013. Its in black and white.

    • Nice try but this same line of spam is getting weak and you’re being exposed. You say CronusMAX steal features? mmmm so care to tell us where the PS4 Full Time Authentication is on the Titan One? He’s been promising you guys that as a paid add-on for an entire year and still hasn’t delivered. He even says on his own website that its IMPOSSIBLE to add a USB Hub to his device – yet here CronusMAX is – releasing the feature for free for everyone to use and it’s brilliant – it proves that CronusMAX are the real brains behind the operation. How about the PS4 Six-Axis support that CronusMAX released too? Titan tried to copy that . What about Cronus adding support for ALL 360 wired controllers to be authenticated – more features that Titan tried to copy and all of the recent firmware fixes from Titan – all copied from CronusMAX – Cronus posted Youtube videos to prove the timeline so your guy can’t fake the dates like he tried to do on his blog – You also talk about stealing scripts from consoletuner – is that supposed to be a joke? Many of the scripts in the consoletuner gpc library are stolen from Cronusmax – its the other way around and timelines prove that – and most of the scripts posted on consoletuner are weak and half the gamepacks don’t even work. Cronus has almost 90 gamepacks now compared to the 30 that consoletuner has. Your guy lies to you – he gave up the rights to Cronus a long time ago – and you say he is the one taking legal action? I would bet money he’s lying about that too – I bet he’s the one being sued. He even tried to copy the Cronus website to try and confuse customers (CronusMAX website was setup in July 2013 – check the date of consoletuner). No one is saying that he wasn’t the originator of the device 3 years ago and that they weren’t originally partners – but it’s disingenuous of you to say that cronusmax is now stealing and copying everything – cronusmax went their own way – completely redesigned the hardware and totally re-engineered the firmware – the proof is in the design and in the features – its there for everyone to see. You’re only believing one side of the story and frankly much of it is a lie – he can’t get over the fact that he gave up the rights to the technology THAT is being a thief. Stop being a fanboy – it makes you look silly.

    • This. I’ve got a friend who has one of these Cronus, and the only problem on PlayStation (3 and 4), is you can’t emulate some of the unique controls it has in some games; I’m assuming you can emulate clicking the touchpad to say the back/select button, but you can’t do the tracking on the trackpad, nor can you do the six-axis motion controls. This is obviously only relevant to the minority of playstation games that actually use these functions though.

  • The XIM4 is a much better choice, the team behind that are amazing.

    It’s especially good if you want to use keyboard and mouse instead of a controller. No other adapter does KB+M well but XIM create smart translators specific to each game for the best experience.

    • Xim is terrible at controller interchangeable on console. Xbo controller won’t work with ps3 or 360. Com is great at KB mouse on console

  • I’ve thought about this, but along with issues in emulating some of the PS3/4’s unique control functions (six-axis motion controls, tracking on touchpad), the fact that the PS4 controller is so nice means I don’t really need this.
    What I’d rather do is just mod XB1 thumbsticks into my DS4 though. Cool concept though; I believe people use this or something similar to do mouse and keyboard on console too.

  • Great timing… I’ve only just received a PS4, and I have an Xbox360 Street Fighter TE stick just begging to be re-purposed on it.

    Does anyone know which of these adapters it would work with?

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