You Can Use Xbox Elite Controllers With Your PS4 Thanks To This Device

If you’re someone who wanted to play everything on your PS4 without actually having to use Sony’s controllers, things could be a bit tricky. If you managed to get your hands on Microsoft’s expensive, sexy Elite controller: that’s great, provided you play on PC or the Xbox One.

That barrier exists no more, however, with the creators of the CronusMax controller extension pushing out a firmware update that makes it possible to use the Elite controller with a PS4.

In a post on their official forums, the company has unveiled the latest firmware for the CronuxMAX PLUS device, which allows people to use almost any controller with any console.

The headline changes with the latest update is obviously the support for the Xbox One Elite pad, although the company has also implemented full crossover support for PS4 via a USB hub. “we have made the impossible possible by engineering a state of the art USB gateway that enables the CronusMAX PLUS to communicate with the PS4 controllers security authentication via a simple USB hub, allowing it to stay connected full time without the disconnects or resets that have plagued the device for the last 2 years,” they wrote in their latest video.

“This also cures the “kick back to menu” issue if you were a second player in a fighting games such as Mortal Kombat X or Street Fighter 5 – at last, making the CronusMAX PLUS 100% Pro Tournament Ready! We also added USB Hub support for Xbox One & Xbox 360 consoles so it made controller authorization easier than ever before,” the makers added.

The only reseller of the CronusMAX PLUS in Australia is this one, although you can always order online from eBay or Amazon if that’s your thing. It’s an interesting solution if you have a favourite controller and don’t want to be limited by the console.

It’s also a potential option for, say, hardcore Call of Duty players who have a custom controller and are suddenly finding that they’re useless because the console they’re playing on has changed.

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