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Mortal Kombat Has Been Refused Classification For The Third Time [Update]

Last year Mortal Kombat was Refused Classification. Warner Brothers, the local publisher, then resubmitted the game and it was Refused Classification again. Now, surprise surprise, Mortal Kombat: Game of the Year Edition has also been RC’d.

This might actually be a record — has any other game been Refused Classification this many times? Technically, Mortal Kombat: Game of the Year Edition is a different, modified version — but at its core it’s the same game.

To be perfectly honest, we were a little surprised that Warner Brothers actually tried to put resubmit the game to the Classification Board, to the extent that we called the Board directly to confirm — but yes, Warner Brothers did pay the fee and resubmit the game for Classification.

It’s a strange one — we wonder why Warner thought the game might get through on the third try?

UPDATE: Warner Brothers, has informed us that the game was resubmitted for the PS Vita.

Warner had hoped the smaller screen might have reduced the impact of the violence in the view of the classification board. They have not resubmitted the game on any other formats.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment submitted Mortal Kombat Vita for classification to the Australian Classification Board as we believed that the smaller screen of the PlayStation Vita greatly reduced the impact of violence.

This view was not shared by the Australian Classification Board and as such has been refused classification in Australia.

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