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Developer's CV Says GTA V Is Coming Out In October...

… But we say that’s a little optimistic, and it’s probably worth putting this in the ‘rumour’ file, if such a thing exists.

A Rockstar North developer’s CV states the upcoming GTA V is being released this October, reports Joystiq, and while that may seem unlikely, the CV has since been removed. So far, Rockstar hasn’t commented, and we don’t expect it will.

While Rockstar releasing a GTA during the holiday period is common, we think that’s probably too small of a gap between Max Payne 3’s release (May 17) for Rockstar to really focus the time it usually takes on a new title — especially one from its landmark franchise.

Still, I want to believe!

Rockstar North employee CV gives Grand Theft Auto V an October launch window [update: CV pulled] [Joystiq]

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