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When 4Chan Met Gabe Newell

Four days ago, Gabe Newell turned 50 years old. To celebrate the /v/ crowd from 4chan went to Valve to celebrate with the man himself. To give him a real life Team Fortress hat inside a crate (which he had to pay $2.50 to open!) and a massive printed mural that I could spend all day looking at. Such an incredible gesture, and proof that 4chan can use its power for good as well as evil!

Very well thought out. Bravo. I find the fact that Gabe had to pay $2.50 to receive his hat hilarious, and the mural itself is just full of brilliant in-jokes. Every time I look at it I find something new. Great work all round.

Gabe opening his present…

The hat…

You can check out a hi-res pic of the entire mural here. Well worth taking a look at.

Oh, and happy belated birthday to Gabe Newell!

Via Neogaf

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