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Jim Wallace's Twitter Account Briefly Hacked

Jim Wallace, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, has had his Twitter account hacked, which spent a period of time today spamming unsafe links to his followers, drastically improving the quality of his content.

The account seems to have stabilised, though everything has been deleted until September last year – suggesting Twitter was alerted to the spamming and took control. So far, no one has claimed credit and no explanation has been offered.

Garnering widespread feelings of hostility from the gaming community in the last decade due to its opposition of an R18+ classification for games, The Australian Christian Lobby has retreated somewhat on the gaming front following the introduction of the rating, though its spokespeople are always available for a sensationalist comment. Once one of their favourite topics, now they seem to have diverted that energy to their other major crusade: Opposing gay marriage.

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