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Electronic Frontiers Australia Calls On Queenslanders To Complain About R18+

Late last week we broke the news that God of War: Ascension would be rated R18+ in Australia but, perhaps more importantly, a leaked internal memo showed us precisely how stores in Queensland have to react if a game is given an adult rating. It made for interesting reading: all mentions of the game, all promotional tools — everything — had to be removed immediately. Now Electronics Frontier Australia (EFA) has picked up on the news and is encouraging Queenslanders to get motivated around the issue.

Earlier today they tweeted the following…

The EFA is a non-profit organisation that represents Australian internet users concerned with online freedoms.

Queensland Parliament sits today and one of the first thing on the agenda is the Classification of Computer Games and Images Amendment Bill so hopefully we’ll actually see some progress today, especially considering the fact that the committee the bill was sent to should have reported back by now. If all goes well we should have some good news on the R18+/QLD issue soon.

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