Don't Forget: Nintendo Direct Hits Tonight At Midnight!

And, yes, we’ll be live blogging that as well! Man.

After what we’ve seen today from both Microsoft and Sony, what are you expecting from Nintendo? I felt as thought Microsoft put together a pretty strong presentation, nice exclusives, but then Sony just stole its lunch money with a brutal (some might say apt) smackdown of its used games policy.

How can Nintendo compete?

Well I have a few ideas…

— A new 3D Mario? Yep, that would help out.
— A brand new Retro Studios title? Possibly a new Metroid game? Yes please.
— Anything at all from Retro actually…
— A cool new IP? I guess we can dream.

Actually there’s a lot Nintendo can do to make a dent in E3. Maybe just keep up with the new found momentum of the 3DS? I don’t know. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what Nintendo has to show.

Join me at midnight and we’ll find out!

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