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The Humble Store's Winter Sale Is Surprisingly Good

Another day another sale, right? Well yes, but also no. The Humble Store’s Winter Sale has some of the usual suspects but also a great mix of new games and indie titles that you may have missed first time round.

There’s also a really cool Bethesda sale packed full of games like Morrowind, Fallout 3, Skyrim and just about every other game you could name.

Here are some of my own favourites from the sale — there are a few good Australian games in there too…

— The Witcher 3 is 50% off at US$29.99
— Dark Souls II is 60% off at US$21.99
— Never Alone is 75% off at US$3.74
— Submerged is 50% off at US$9.99
— Satellite Reign is 67% off at US$9.89

You can check it out here.

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