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What's Next After 10 Years Of Platinum Games

It’s been 10 years. Platinum Games was founded on 1 August 2006. Since then, the Osaka-based game company has churned out a slew of memorable titles. In a recent interview with Kotaku, Platinum Games co-founder Atsushi Inaba spoke about his past and the studio’s future.

The Smash Bros. Roster Has Become Even More Ridiculous In 2016

I still can’t believe that all of these characters are in the same game.

New Bayonetta Browser Game Is Balls-Hard

It’s pretty well-documented that at least one lead developer at Platinum is deeply in love with old-school games. So it’s not all that surprising that they made a retro-styled shooter starring the studio’s biggest action star. Also not surprising: it’s really freakin’ tough.

In The Bayonetta Games, Dodging Is Everything

In many action games, offence and defence tend to feel like two separate mechanics that sometimes talk to each other. But when you’re playing the two Bayonetta titles the way they’re supposed to be played, evasion and attack are parts of the same integrated whole. And damn does it look beautiful.

How Bayonetta Got Dressed Up As Nintendo's Most Famous Characters

It surprised people when Nintendo revealed alternate costumes for Bayonetta that let her look like some of the company’s family-friendly characters. Now, you can see the design process for getting Platinum Games’ sexy witch-warrior into Princess Peach, Link and Starfox costumes.

'If Games Don't Offer Us Complex Heroines, Then We Apparently Stop Looking For Them'

Briefly: “If games don’t offer us complex heroines, then we apparently stop looking for them.” That’s critic Maddy Myers discussing kink, sex positivity, and female empowerment in Bayonetta in an excellent essay for Paste. Give the whole thing a read, and remember to check out our review of Bayonetta 2.

How To Farm Millions Of Halos In Bayonetta 2 In Minutes

Bayonetta 2 is a game that already has tons of cool weapons and moves. But it’s got even more that you’ll have to buy with halos, the game’s heavenly currency. Thankfully, someone’s figured out how to break the Bayonetta 2 bank. He makes it look pretty easy too.

All Of Bayonetta 2's Boss Battles In One Place

There are a lot of boss battles in Bayonetta 2. They’re all sort of overblown, in a good way. Need proof? Here they all are, documented in two hours of video. Spoilers, obviously.

The Legend Of Korra: The Kotaku Review

The Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universe is tailor-made for a good video game. It boggles my mind that the much-loved series still hasn’t gotten one.

Here's The First Nine Minutes Of The Bayonetta Anime In English

Bayonetta 2 isn’t the only thing Bayonetta hitting store shelves next week: The awesomely over-the-top anime Bayonetta: Bloody Fate will be released as well — and we at Kotaku have an exclusive look at the film’s first nine minutes in English.

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