Straight From The Future, It's Crysis Running On A VR Headset

Well, actually not the future. The present. See, when first they announced the Oculus Rift VR headset, I thought, “Oh, virtual reality. I liked The Lawnmower Man. This should be weird.”

The Real-Life Science Behind Crysis' Nanosuit

“Nanotechnology offers unprecedented possibilities for progress — defeating poverty, starvation, and disease, opening up outer space, and expanding human capacities. But it also brings unprecedented risks — the specter of devastating wars fought with far more powerful weapons of mass destruction.” – Chris Phoenix, Director of Research,Center for Responsible Nanotechnology.

Ah, So That's Why Crysis 3's First Level Is So Terribly Slow

If you’ve played Crysis 3 on the PC, you’ve probably noticed that the first level, even on a powerful system, chugs. Badly. It gets you off on the wrong foot with the game, because you start worrying more about hardware than the experience, and that sucks.

A Dance Party Is Just A Button Away In Crysis 3

Remember the dancing CELL soldiers from Crysis 2? No? Well, either way, the easter egg is back in Crysis 3 — all you have to do is press a certain button while in a certain menu. Check out this video by Game Front to see what I mean.

Crysis 3 Has A Bow With Explosive Arrows -- So Does This Guy

The bow and arrow in Crysis 3 might throw off the game’s balance, but it’s still a pretty cool piece of gear. And it seems every time there’s a bow and arrow in a video game, it winds up having explosives attached to it.

Reviewers Think Crysis 3 Is Really, Really Pretty (Surprise!)

Much to the surprise of pretty much no one, Crysis 3 turned out to be quite the looker. But that’s just what Crysis does! So what else is there to like? For some, the exciting cat-and-mouse stealth gameplay. For others, the brand new weapons you get to hunt with.

Crysis 3: The Kotaku Review

You’re sitting behind the wheel of a finely tuned luxury automobile. The upholstery creaks as you make yourself comfortable; it smells like quality in here. You haven’t even turned the key and you can feel the car humming, its tightly-coiled energy waiting to be unleashed. This car isn’t designed to make you feel romantic or poetic; it’s designed to make you feel powerful.

How To Advertise A Video Game In A British Tabloid

When hallowed British media institution The Sun partners with a video game publisher for some advertorial, as you can imagine, the results are deftly subtle.

Well, Of Course Germans Would Make A Cool Vietnam Game

You’d think with all the vintage rock and classic films and iconic imagery that Vietnam would be the easiest war to if not make a decent video game out of, then at least capture the essence of the conflict.

Crysis 3 Makes The End Of The World Look Fantastic

Damn, Crysis 3. You lookin’ goooood. Seriously though, while the point of the game is to have the protagonist — Prophet — prevent the ‘end of days’, when the end of the world looks as great as it does in this trailer, would you even want to, really? Can’t we just… marvel at the scenery?