The PS4's China Launch Might Have Been Delayed Due To Region Locking

Like the Xbox One months before it, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita have been delayed in China until further notice. The reasoning behind the delay? Sony needs to resubmit its business plans to the Chinese government.

Free Driveclub Delayed Until Paying Customers Can Connect

What happened to the free PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub that was supposed to be available to subscribers this week? According to game director Paul Rustchynsky it’s being held back until the retail game’s connectivity issues are ironed out.

Microsoft To Delay Xbox One Launch In China

The first mainstream video game console to launch in China in over 13 years has just been delayed. The Xbox One won’t be sold in China starting tomorrow — instead, it will be released sometime before the end of 2014.

Rockstar Games On Why GTA V For PC Has Been Delayed

Briefly: “We are also incredibly excited to be bringing GTAV to the PC, but the game requires a little more development time in order to ensure that it is as amazing and polished as possible.” Rockstar Games on why the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V isn’t arriving until January 27.

Titanfall For The Xbox 360 Pushed Back Two Weeks

Originally scheduled for release next week, the Xbox 360 version of Respawn Entertainment’s mech shooter has been pushed back to April 8 (April 11 in Europe) to give port developer Bluepoint Games time to make it better.

Fable Anniversary Gets Release Window

Good news: Fable Anniversary has a release window. Bad news: it’s next year. Lead designer Ted Timmins took to Lionhead’s blog today, letting fans know the Xbox 360 remaster of Fable: The Lost Chapters needed more time, and the game is now slated for a February 2014 release.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Is Weeks Away, But Aussies Get To Play Today

Fans of PopCap’s garden defence sensation were crushed late last month, when the eagerly-anticipated sequel slipped from its original July release window. The bad news? Game producer Allen Murray says we’ve still got at least four weeks before Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time comes out. The good news is that Australians don’t have to wait.

The Secret World Gets Significantly Less Secret When It Launches June 19

Funcom’s eagerly anticipated supernatural real-world MMO The Secret World reveals its secrets on June 19. Originally slated for an April release, the developer plans to use the extra time for more polish and beta testing.

It's The World's First Gaming Laptop Delay

Originally slated for release before Christmas, Razer’s ambition Razer gaming laptop has run into supply issues pushing shipping back to mid to late January. Don’t cry, they’re throwing in a free gaming mouse. You can’t cry when there’s a free mouse involved.

SSX Delayed (But Only A Little -- And We Totally Forgive Them!)

Delays are always a little bit disappointing, but when they’re announced in the way that the short two week delay for the new SSX was, you can’t help but forgive! SSX Creative Director Todd Batty took the time to write an open letter to SSX fans explaining the reasons for the delay.