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Groomer Turns Dog Into Nintendo Nightmare Fuel

That’s not a dog in a Nintendo sweater. You are looking at groomed, dyed and trimmed dog hair. Let’s call this pooch “Yoshi Dog”.

Cop Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Another Cop's Video Game Handheld

According to Nikkei, 21 year-old police officer Ryo Yamashita allegedly took 75,000 yen ($733) and a game portable from another officer’s room in a police dormitory in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

How Much Gaming History Does $50,000 Get?

This much. Actually, a bit more. They couldn’t fit everything on one photo.

EVE Online Is Building A Monument In Iceland For All Of Its Players

One week after declaring they will build an in-game memorial to the ships lost at the colossal Battle of B-R5RB, Eve Online publisher has decided to go whole hog and erect a monument, in real life, to all EVE Online players. Anyone who is an active player on March 1 will get his or her name engraved on it.

Live In California? You Can Rent Arcade Cabinets For $US75 A Month

If you’ve got $US75 a month to burn and live in California, you can get a 250-pound arcade cabinet running a 30-year-old game delivered to your door. This is the service offered by All You Can Arcade, a San Francisco business that opened shop last month. If all goes well, it’ll expand to the east coast.

We've Seen First-person Representations Of Super Mario Bros.

We’ve seen first-person representations of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 before. If you’ve ever pondered what Green Hill Zone’s Act 1 from Sonic the Hedgehog would look like in first-person view, here’s a virtuoso remake of the stage, courtesy of Machinima.

Well, Thank God, Someone's Finally Making The Sequel To Chess

Next time you complain about Half-Life 3 taking forever, consider this: the modern game of chess is believed to have originated in 1575, and only now is Chess 2: The Sequel coming out. And it’s an Ouya exclusive.

Online Petition Demands Return Of Xbox One DRM

Video game petitions have a very long and mostly pointless history. As I’ve said several times, an internet petition is worth the paper it is printed on. But I’ll give a little publicity to this thing, because it’s the most ridiculous one I’ve seen yet (that includes this).

This Mesmerising Version Of Tetris Can Draw Anything You Want

Two years ago, the internet stumbled across a guy who would work upwards of two hours to create virtuoso sprite patterns within Tetris. Well, anything humans can do, a computer can do better, right? Here’s the Tetris Printer Algorithm. Showoff …

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