Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Free 'Steam Edition' Update On PC

Briefly: Red Faction: Guerrilla, the free-roam action game where you blow up buildings on Mars, just got a free “Steam Edition” update on PC. Among other things, the patch moves the game to Steamworks, adding leaderboards, achievements and trading cards, and completely removes Games for Windows Live. Full patch notes here.

Aussie-Made De Blob Franchise Rescued From THQ's Demise

One of the sadder aspects of THQ’s collapse, at least from a local perspective, was the shuttering of Melbourne-based Blue Tongue Entertainment, best known for developing the rather awesome de Blob and de Blob 2. While Blue Tongue is no longer, its legacy, in the form of the de Blob IP, has been picked up by Nordic Games.

Lost Akira Game Spotted, But It's Not Pretty

It’s a shame. For such an awesome manga/film as Akira is, its games have been pretty shoddy. One, however, was so shoddy it was never even released. The story of this missing game is one that’s eluded folks for some time, but today, we’ve finally got some footage of it (well, the Genesis version at least).

THQ Lives Again

Like Hannibal Lecter wearing that guard’s face, Nordic Games are planning to publish games under the THQ name and trademark.

THQ's Crap Is Still There, Gathering Dust

THQ closed down for good over a year ago, but the company’s old corporate HQ remains, and in that time nobody has moved in to clean out all their old stuff. Games, posters, E3 prizes, the works, it’s all just sitting there.

Former THQ Boss Dishes On The Games They Left Behind

The company that used to publish the blockbuster Company of Heroes and Metro franchises imploded in rapid and spectacular fashion in late 2012, getting its assets sold off in early 2013 . Some of its holdings, like the WWE and Saints Row games, found homes. But the fate of other members of the former THQ family tree — Devil’s Third, spearheaded by former Team Ninja leader Tomonobu Itagaki, for one — is still ambiguous. Danny Bilson, who ran the cores games division of THQ, is talking a bit about the games that got screwed up or orphaned in the company’s last few years.

Gaming Secrets: The Power Brokers Behind Some Of Gaming's Top People

When Ken Levine made the surprise announcement on Tuesday that Irrational Games was shutting down and only a small group of employees would be retained as he migrated to a new venture, one thing came to mind — the 2008 contract negotiations between Levine and Take-Two.

THQ Files Lawsuit Against EA And UFC

Before it filed for bankruptcy, the UFC Undisputed series was one of THQ’s most lucrative franchises. Now, after EA acquired rights for the game, THQ is claiming that underhanded dealings between the three companies has left them out of pocket, resulting in THQ filing a lawsuit against EA and the UFC’s parent company Zuffa.

South Park Still Looks Amazing, But Should We Be Worried?

For almost two years now, I’ve been following South Park: Stick of Truth with feverish anticipation. As I’ve written before, it’s the type of game that feels like it was made just for me. The stellar writing of South Park‘s creators combined with JRPG-like combat and springy, vivid animation that feels like it was ripped straight out of a TV? Yes. Yes! Bring it on, Obsidian.

Hacker SuperDaE Releases 1.7TB Trove Of Gaming Info

Next gen hacker SuperDaeE, who breached Sony, Microsoft, Epic, Valve, Blizzard and other gaming companies, just released a 1.7TB treasure trove FTP download. The files, however, are apparently encrypted. Previously, SuperDaE vowed he would release said files, which are believed to contain sensitive information about unreleased games, should he be arrested.