Thief Lives in BioShock’s Deadly Shadow

I’m quietly confident that all the fuss over BioShock has passed… well, until Ken Levine announces in one of his many interviews an expansion or sequel, which he surely will.

You see, one reason why BioShock has done so well – and deserves an encore – is because of its amazing pedigree. One such father in the family tree is Thief, an FPS “sneaker” where the objective was to steal, rather than slay.

Over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun there’s a fancy write-up (with included developer interviews) on Thief: Deadly Shadows, the third title in the Thief series. Although it was developed by the now-defunct Ion Storm, the first two titles were cooked up by Looking Glass, who’s shattered remains became Irrational, and now 2K Australia/2K Boston (can we get this name shortened already? Sheesh. My vote is on 2K Aus/Bos).

The Making Of Thief: Deadly Shadows [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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