Atomic Live 07: The Star Wars

Atomic Live 07: The Star Wars

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Atomic Live 07 was not without its cosplay element… as all good gaming and technology events are destined to have. The most visible during Live however was this bunch of professionals, dressed as various characters from George Lucas’ Star Wars universe.

Actually, one of them is completely out of place, but I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who it is. And no, it’s not the guy in the middle. That’s me actually, and I’m totally mugging the scene.

Anyway, I found the courage to approach the bearded Jedi knight, who was kind enough to inform me that himself and his compatriots were members of Novus Ordo (latin for “New World Order”), a costume club that I imagine gathers on a regular basis to strut about in the latest Mandalorian fashions.

Close up shots after the jump.al07_trooper.jpgStormtrooper scouts, known throughout the universe for their inability to ride hoverbikes.

al07_wookie.jpgThis enterprising wookie had a go at picking up a few of the ladies…


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