Atomic Live 07: The Girls

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Best ’til last, I always say. Not that I always say it, more I do when it’s appropriate. Such as now.

Like all good expos, Atomic Live 07 had its fair share of booth babes. They didn’t really spend much time at booths though, finding the floor far too alluring to resist a good walking on.

Hit the jump for the images and my awesomely vulgar captions.al07_girls2.jpgThe booth babe contingent for ASUS’s World GameMaster Tournament. I think the one on the right looks a bit like Katherine Heigl. Not that I watch Grey’s Anatomy or anything.

al07_ahh.jpgLooks like ATI’s mascot Ruby got a gender reassignment.

al07_girls1.jpgAltech’s lasses were kind enough to take a minute out of their busy day to pose for the camera.

al07_furygirl.jpgI’d love to say she was playing Fury like a pro, but she’d have to have been at least touching the keyboard for that conclusion to have a basis in reality.

And that concludes the coverage of Atomic Live 2007! No news yet if there will be an Atomic Live 2008, but keep a watch out for it on the Atomic magazine website.


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