Atomic Live 07: The World GameMaster Tournament

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In the background (or foreground, depending on who you talk to) of Atomic Live 2007 was the ASUS World GameMaster Tournament. If you’re not familiar with ASUS in the competitive gaming scene, don’t worry, you shouldn’t be. Along with Gigabyte and Foxconn, ASUS is one of the largest manufacturers of PC components in the world. It makes everything from video cards to laptops, so it was more than prepared to put together a competitive PC LAN, regardless of how unusual it might be for a Taiwanese component business to have its own gaming tournament, rather than just sponsoring an established one.

For Atomic Live, WGT consisted of two games, Quake 4 for singles and Counter-Strike: Source for teams. Junglist and Bajo from the ABC’s Good Game used their extensive knowledge of all things gaming, and general suave coolness, to commentate the games and host the regular prizes draws between matches.

The finals started at about 6PM, and were incredibly tense to watch. The Quake 4 final came right down to the wire, the game tied at 4-4 during the closing moments, until “Zeal0r” managed to score a few quick frags to take the win.

For the CS: Source comp, team “Advantage” took home the prize, proving that it did indeed have some sort of leg up in the proceedings, even if it was just mad skillz.

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(Special thanks to Lambo, the fantastic bloke who oversaw WGT, for the providing me with the names of the winners.)al07_wgttrophies.jpgThe tropies in all their shiny goldness.

al07_wgtpcs.jpgThe PCs used for the comp. It’s a good bet that they’re completely filled with ASUS hardware.

al07_ggwgt.jpgJunglist and Bajo ham it up for the camera.

al07_moj3.jpg“Moj3”, by far the most, uh, “enthusiastic” player of the competition. He yelled a lot.

al07_wgtq4winner.jpg“Zeal0r”, winner of the Quake 4 competition.

al07_wgtcswinners.jpgAnd team “Advantage”, the stars of the Counter-Strike: Source competition.


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