Resistance: Fall Of Man 2 Details

Resistance: Fall Of Man 2 Details

resistance-fall-of-man.jpgSurfer Girl Reviews Star Wars is at it again, this time with “exclusive” info on the sequel to Insomniac’s FPS for the PlayStation 3.

Aside from the first and last level, the game takes place entirely in the United States, where someone who may or may not be Sgt. Nathan Hale (who plays a role in the story) has to deal with the Chimeran invasion of the US in such places as San Francisco and Chicago. And there is a cliffhanger ending that sets up for a third title. Vehicles will be included in multiplayer this time around, one will be able to take to the sky with three new vehicles or boogie it down on the ground with the three vehicles from the first game’s Campaign.

There’s even a tentative release date of November 2008. Again, it could all be pure speculation, but if it turns out to be true, you’ll thank us. Or Surfer Girl. How about both?

Exclusive: First-ever Resistance: Fall of Man 2 details. [Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars]


  • aww, not US.. I would have been more eager to see other places turned to batlefield like Russia France or sumtin. US is just so used when it comes to videogames expecialy shooters.

  • At the very least they can fix the weird lighting for this next game.

    Oh, and more Church fighting. This time they should piss off Scientology.

  • Viper. But that makes no sense in terms of the story since they have both long since fallen. Unless you’re trying to reclaim either of them, but that would be a much harder game…

  • I really wasn’t impressed by Resistance’s multiplayer to be honest(I’ve wasted away most of my life playing quake, what can i say), single player was fun and well-paced though. I’m more excited about haze though.


  • niiicee~
    wait,did we ever have vehicles in MP on the original resistance???
    ………….did we??
    anyway,this is gonna kick ass!! resistance 2!!!! HECK YEAH!!

  • resistance online, multiplayer is superb, but the tagging from the bullsye and the laark spoilt it.

    hopefully they will learn from there mistakes and not include the laark unless its used only to target vechiles.

    however its great online!

  • I’m sure the good ‘ol US of A will save the world from the chimarea invaders just as they have throughout the whole history of mankind…and even before that.

  • Some of you sound like you never even played the first one. We are still playing it almost a year after release. MP never had vehicles in RFOM. Gregorious, from your comment I doubt you even played online multiplayer. If you had you most definitely would have liked it. It makes the game worth playing.

  • Hope you’re right, Surfer Girl!

    If true, the sequel has an excellent shot at being 2008 game of the year.


  • wow imagine 40 players with vehicles on the map… amazing
    they’ll probably make the player limit higher too

  • resistance rise of man should be the title for the 3rd game if there is one, if surfer girl is right. Perfect title for the perfect conclusion of resistance. part 2 will be one hell of a game. I never played multiplayer but heard great things. single player off the hook. still playing it. if nov 2008 is the release, killzone 2 and resistance are the 2 FPS of the year. WHAT A BATTLE FOR THE AWARD!

  • keep the glitches in resistance and make them better the only good glich is at thames were u can go beneath people.

  • Resistance 2, WOW! The first games is sick as, during the holidays I averaged 4 hours a day, even when I went out (and if not I’d prolly play it for 8hours including breaks). Online in this game is one of best experiences I’ve had in FPS, really really good, the only thing I might put over it would be BF2 cause of vehicles and stuff but its definately one of the best, and with vehicles in R2 it may very well make the top of my list. AWESOME GAME CAN’T WAIT!

  • I absolutely loved the 1st resistance, however multiplayer was poor. Online was bad, got reli fustrated, lol sppose im just ****. And i dnt like the way u cant set up an offlinw game, unless its u and ur m8s. U should be able 2 add bots and play on ur own, bu against the computer. none of the new games reli do this, ans i think its a shame because after u done the campaigne, aint much left 2 do 🙁

  • awsome hopefully there’ll be twice as many weapons and even more crazy looking chimera. MP needed vehicles but was extremely good. cant wait for this next one.

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